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Thursday, March 25th, 2004
8:23 am
The Horror
I'm fucked.

My last entry ended when I went to check up on that guy lying in the middle of the road. I called out to him, but I don't think he would've heard me anyways, what with all the crows making so much noise. That's when I noticed that there were people everywhere. No...not people...but, these THINGS...these zombies. I popped a cap in several of their asses but they wouldn't die. What the hell is going on here??

I shot the guy on the floor square on the forehead. That seems to be the key...if I can somehow seriously damage the brain...or sever it completely from the spinal cord, I should be able to stop these things...But there were just too many, and I ran, while simultaneously firing into the hordes of mindless zombies and soiling myself.

Well one good thing came out of all this. I ran into this CUTE girl, which I think is the same Claire from the chatroom. She looks 15, which is how I like 'em. Cute and young. It's a shame fate has thrown us into this situation, otherwise I'd ask her out. I asked her to stick by me, maybe we could have a better chance at survival as a team, but no, Leon isn't good enough for her. Free spirit my ass.
But I digress.

I ran into a gun shop. What the hell kind of gun shop doesn't have any guns? I guess everyone needed to arm themselves...The gun shop owner is a bastard, and very very confused. First he tried to kill me, and after I explained that I was human, he was all like "I ain't go no clue, darlin'." I sat down in the corner and had a good cry, when out of nowhere, these 4 zombie hoodlums break in through the window and eat the guy. I just sat and watched, hoping they wouldn't notice me, because I only had some 30 bullets left, which I borrowed from the shelves while the owner was too busy being eaten to notice. I baited the zombies, and popped two in their heads. My arms were shaking, but I managed. After everything was quiet, I jacked the poor bastard's shotgun, cuz come on, he's not going to be needing it. It had like 4 shells in it, which is better than nothing, I suppose.

Then I ran and ran through the back alleyways until I reached the Raccoon Police Department, where I start work on Monday. I was disappointed, because there was no reception party, and then I thought maybe zombies don't enjoy socializing and dancing. And right then, out of nowhere, this zombie hurls itself at me from the 3rd floor balcony, hits the floor, and breaks its neck. Sacred the hell out of me, let me tell you.

Right now I'm hiding in a closet in the Police Department. Most of the doors are locked, and they require some type of card key to open. I haven't been able to go any further than the Main Hall.
On a side note, the statue up front is blindfolded, which is also how I like 'em.

.....There's something on the other side of the closet door.....

I can hear its raspy breathing...

I'm running low on ammo.

And I need new pants.

If you're out there and reading this, please...please send help.

Leon out
12:08 am
Outskirts of Raccoon City
I've just arrived in Raccoon City. Boy, this place is really quiet. Guess the people turn in really early. What squares! There are no automobiles anywhere. Well, at least parking won't be a problem. Hmm...a red light. Pffftt, I'm a cop, baby!

Jeez this place is quiet.

I still have that deer I hit back on the interstate in the backseat. The stench of blood is horrible. I don't even know what I was thinking picking that deer up. I guess I felt sorry for it. The way it was lying mangled on the highway after it bounced off the hood of my jeep. Oh! Hello! What's this? There's a guy lying in the middle of the street. They have drunks in Raccoon City as well, eh?

Wait a minute...what if he's hurt? Or...dead? Go go supercop Leon! There's that theme song playing in my head again. Yeah!

Secret.....Agent man! Secret....Agent man!
They've given me a number, and taken away my name!
Barrum barrum bum bum bummmm

All right...enough of that. I should check this guy out.

Big-L out.
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
11:33 pm
I'm typing this from my cellphone as I'm cruising down I-95 off to Raccoon City. The sun is still out, about 6ish now. Oh shit I just hit a deer.
11:02 pm
Raccoon City Transfer
Dear diary, I hate my boss.

Great, I just found out today that I'm being transferred over to the RCPD. It's a good thing I love to serve and protect, otherwise, I'd show the chief what he could do with those transfer orders. It's going to be a pain building up another address book in a new town.

I've said goodbye to most everyone on the force today. None of them seem to care that I'm leaving. I should've slashed their tires or something.

I went online and searched around for information on Raccoon City, and I went on this one chat site, and met a girl named Claire Hatfield or something. She was all like "19/F", and I was like "BAM! I'm in." SO we chatted for a while, and it seems that she's going to be visiting Raccoon City for a while, for some personal reasons. I asked if we could meet up, and she blew me off. Pfftt, like I care. She probably has a thing for her brother anyway.

So my bags are packed and loaded up in the jeep. I'm leaving first thing in the morning. I've been trying to get in touch with some people down in Raccoon City, so I could maybe rent an apartment, but they haven't picked up or returned my calls. If everyone in Raccoon City is this rude...This is really pissing me off..

This is my last entry until I have set up my laptop and secured a net connection in Raccoon City. See you in a bit.

Big-L out.
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